Curation for UGC

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Overview of UGC Curation

Visual content, such as photographs, allows potential consumers to see the actual things you're offering, which can help them make a purchase decision while also giving richer, more interesting evaluations to share with others.

Connecting Your Facebook Account (Instagram)

Prerequisite : you need an Instagram Business or Instagram Creator account

  1. Go to Dashboard > Connect with Facebook > Connect (button)
  2. Click on the "Connect Facebook" button to connect your Facebook account (linked to the Instagram account) if you are using the feature for the first time.
  3. You are connecting and all the UGC where you are identified on Instagram is now visible

Approving/Rejecting Photos 

  1. Once you have connected to the Instagram account, photos will be displayed into the "Instagram tags" tab.
  2. Click on the " Pending" or "Approve" button under the pictures to "set in pending" or approve the content. 
  3. Into the pending Tab, you ask the Consent by clicking on "Ask consent". It will open Instagram where you have to copy and paste the commentaire you have prepared for you previously (of course, you can modify this comment). 
  4. Wait for the contentment of your customer and when you have it, click on "Approve". This way, you are respecting fully the RGPD requirements.
  5. All your Consent given UGC is now present into the "selected tab".
  6. You can now link all the picture with your catalog

Automated Rights Management 

  1. We are providing a fully automated rights management. In this case, you just have to click on "Approve" into the "Instagram tags" tab. We are managing the comments and the consents of the user. 
  2. All the content you have the consent will be automatically transfered into the "selected tab"

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